I have been a consultant anaesthetist with an interest in pain at Broomfield, Chelmsford for 20 years. Prior to that, I trained in London, East Anglia, Leicester and Melbourne, Australia. During this time I had the opportunity to work with many inspiring leaders in the field of pain and anaesthesia.

I was appointed to Broomfield hospital 20 years ago to work in the pain service, concentrating on the early stages of developing pain conditions. A large part of this work involved clinical audit and quality assurance; this is still an important part of my work. I have presented results of our audit and research work to the national pain society meetings nearly every year since being appointed.

I have developed my interest in pain medicine over the last 12 years and this has been in direct response to the patients I see. I have a specific interest in Chronic Pelvic Pain due to the number of patients admitted with this complaint. It is also common for people with acute back pain to be admitted, so I have developed strategies to deal with this aggressively from a variety of different aspects.

Patients often present with migraine, whiplash or a variety of myofacial complaints hence my interest in botox and acupuncture and membership of BMAS.

I have used my managerial and communication skills whilst continuing my clinical duties. I have held the position of MAC Secretary, trust audit lead and Clinical Director during the last 12 years.

I also have been an associate Medical Director at Medtel International, a private health care provider. Between August 2010 and July 2012 I was Chief Executive Officer of Chelmsford Medical Co. I am Lead Clinician for the Pain Service at Broomfield Hospital.

I have been rewarded in my efforts and hold 7 local merit awards, these have been given for recognition of work above and beyond that expected.

Having endured four months of, at times, excruciating pain and abject misery, I was very thankfully referred to Dr Mark Alexander-Williams at his consultancy in The Chelmsford. I received an almost immediate appointment. Dr Alexander-Williams immediately organised a MRI scan within two days and prescribed desensitising medication. I could not believe the relief after four months of physical and mental pain.

The MRI highlighted the suspected problem discs. Dr Alexander-Williams outlined the four possible options for treatment. The wonderful thing about this man is that he doesn't treat just the problem but also the person. He took into account all other factors going on in my life and put a treatment plan in place to accommodate them i.e. he went straight to an option he may otherwise have wished to hold in reserve so that I could meet the demands of my day to day and future plans.

The planned procedure was again organised very quickly. The hospital and theatre are so unlike a hospital. Dr Alexander-Williams and, his very able and clearly close knit team, made the experience actually almost enjoyable. He and his team wore amusing surgical gowns and the badanage created a wonderfully totally non daunting atmosphere. I experienced absolutely no pain whatsoever.  I was so well looked after from arrival to discharge. Everyone was so friendly and caring. Dr Alexander-Williams' secretarial support provided by Anna was first class. Highly efficient, very friendly, always easily accessible with absolutely nothing a bother. Dr Alexander-Williams is clearly a very experienced, very capable practitioner in his field. He has great rapport building, empathetic and other human skills that really make you feel valued and cared for. He has a real air of professionalism that instils great confidence you are in good hands. I am so, so grateful for all he has done for me and I would highly recommend him.
Mr D. McKenna
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