Medicolegal work

Dr Alexander-Williams is happy to write medicolegal reports for claimants, defendants or joint reports. In normal circumstances these can be completed within 28 days of request, urgent requests can normally be accommodated. He has been carrying out this work for five years and up until recently fitted this work around a very busy clinical workload, this work is now performed in pre booked sessions./p>


A consultant anaesthetist specialising in pain medicine. He has worked as part of a multidisciplinary team for over 15 years, currently lead clinician in a large department seeing over 2000 new patients a year with complex and challenging conditions. Personally sees over 800 new NHS and Private patients a year with a variety of pain conditions.

Clinical work

Runs a specialist pelvic pain syndrome clinic, previously ran the in patient programme for upper limb CRPS, set up the local spinal triage service and the local migraine pathway.

Well versed in all pain interventions, fully understands both their role and their limitations in multidisciplinary pain management.

Areas of expertise

Specialist in pain medicine, pain syndromes, complex regional pain syndrome, adolescents, headache and pain of spinal origin including neck pain and cervicogenic headache.

Medicolegal clinics

These are on Fridays and some Wednesdays by appointment. Available in London, Chelmsford, Sawbridgeworth and Colchester.

Terms and conditions

Please contact us for full terms and conditions
On receiving the instruction reports will be completed within 28 days if the patient attends as scheduled.
250 an hour
Most reports take 2 to 4 hours


Susan Moore
01371 850368

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