Prices are a guideline and will vary according to the centre.
Consultation First consultation
outside M25
in London
    (unless a very complex case requiring longer time, this includes organising all appropriate further investigations and correspondence)
  Follow up consultation
  Telephone consultation
  Email Consultation
Physiotherapy Initial consultation
  Follow up
MRI From
(this depends on where it is done and how many body parts require a scan)
Xray From
Procedures (the prices of these vary but the total cost includes centre fees, cost of xrays, drug costs and my fee.
This does not include the price of a follow up consultation)

Some examples are
  Facet joint injection
  Dorsal Root Ganglion block
by Dr M. Alexander-Williams in London
outside London
Performed by a nurse or physiotherapist
  I charge in line with recommendations by all the major insurers.
  If you fail to attend your appointment without cancelling then the full fee will be charged.
  A 20% charge will be added to any unpaid debts that are sent to debt collection for administration fees.
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