Publications & Studies  
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Machine Malfunction
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Maternal Pain Scores after Caesarian Section
May 2003 Verbal presentation by Dr Chris Holland at the East Anglian Scientific Meeting (2nd prize)
Cyclizine alone and in combination with Dexamethasone for PONV after gynaecological laparoscopy
July 2004 Verbal presentation at the anaesthetic research society and submitted for peer review (a randomised controlled study of 150 patients)
Stability of Diamorphine in heavy bupivicaine
July 2004 Verbal presentation at the anesthetic research society and submitted for peer review (a lab based study).
In 2002, I recruited 22 patients for a KNOLL phase 3 study into hydromorphone, more patients than any other UK centre
In 2005, I started recruiting patients for a phase 3 study for a new anti emetic for Glaxo Smith Kline
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